My Own Superman [The Players Game]

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cskt17 By cskt17 Updated 9 months ago
     Dani Alexandrea has a story. A story that keeps her heart locked up, behind a wall of hatred from the past. Most people think there's this one person in the world that's apparently they're "True Love." Well, that's how Dani felt when she was with her ex-boyfriend, Jake. Or Jakey as she used to call him. It's been 3 years of high school, and before she knew it, it was her last year in high school before she graduates and goes to collage. The only thing wrong with that statement is: She never dated anyone in those 3 years. All because of Jake. But when a new boy comes to her school, she is faced with something much like her ex-boyfriend, - A player that will stop at nothing to piss her off.

This story does NOT have anything to do with the real Superman concept, it's just a nickname one the main character gets.
SecretKeeper546 SecretKeeper546 2 years ago
Great job, love this. :) I'll be waiting for the next update :-)
bookreader1020 bookreader1020 3 years ago
Great chapter! lots of laughs invovled! omg,. chase .. he sounds so cute! xD
smiley_nicola smiley_nicola 3 years ago
Great chapter! I loved the humor that's put into this book! It actually made me laugh out loud! <3 anyways I was wondering if you could maybe make Ariana Grande as Robin in the book! :D I think it would really match the characteristics! Please update soon.
BkHolic_14 BkHolic_14 3 years ago
Nice chapter! I want to know what will happen! I was kind of confused though because in the scene between Chase and Dani, it looked like they were kind of attracted to each other, in a way... but in the summary you  said there will be a new boy?! None the less, Update soon!!! :)
PeppermintCandies PeppermintCandies 3 years ago
@cskt17 Haha alright! Sorry you can call me Captain Corrector ;) So yeah I hope I help and I hope your story tops the charts on the humor list!
epic_reader epic_reader 3 years ago
i actally like it so far. :D just update soon thoguh okay? :D oh btw i like the cover