One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfiction. (ON HOLD!)

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Lily, Lil, Lillian, or EchoeRennee By LuvrOf1DAndPotatoes Updated a year ago
19 year old Lily Freeman was just your average teenage girl. That is, until her ex-boyfriend, Tod Lardmon, turned her into something she didn't even believed exsisted. A vampire! Only two people know of her transformation. Her "21" year old half-sister Llyith, who was born as a vampire, and her "18" year old BFFLAAL (best friend for life and after life) Zalanah Dragomir who is a werewolf (Zalanah  and Lily are friends and no one cares because they both ends the war between their species some 100 years ago) 
    Even though all three of them are imortal creatures of the night they all love a certain boyband called ONE DIRECTION!
    So what happens when Niall runs into Lily while at the mall? Let's just say sparks start to fly, and not just for the leprechaun and the vampire.
    Will the band find out about Lily, Zalanah, and Llyith
    Will the band become in danger just from hanging around the three girls?
    Will the band itself ever be the same again?
    In this story there are lots of twists and turns, drama, and love. So hold on to your heads and journey with Lily Freeman as she takes on the mysteries and heart brakes of love.
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