[Percy Jackson Fan-Fic] The Heroes of Olympus in Highschool

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_itsOrbit By _itsOrbit Updated 2 years ago
Meet Percy and his friends as they face their hardest task yet: high school. This story takes place after the giant war. Enjoy...
Here is the cast!:     http://photobucket.com/theHeroesOfOlympus
Also, Rick Riordan owns PJO and HOO series!
Lost-In-Fiction Lost-In-Fiction 8 months ago
Did I just hear "peaceful life," and "demigods" in the same sentence?!
Cool fact: Nico di Angelo is going to be portrayed by Asa Butterfield
Are Hazel, Frank and the rest ALL there? I'm just not, like, the third page and U'm really impatient. Hazel's my favorite character.
WeAwEpiSistas WeAwEpiSistas 2 years ago

Naw I do like how u started the pro---that word!
Weird_and_Unique Weird_and_Unique 2 years ago
Awwwwwwww ur wittle fans are super cute >.< aw shit! I'm on the wrong account too!!!!!!! Ohhhh brilliant idea! I'm going to spam u with every account so u have more emails! >:)
THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try my fanfic. it's the house of hades.