Short Stories

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Paulo Coelho By PauloCoelho Updated 7 months ago
A collection of short stories from Paulo Coelho.
I love how it shows someone being content with what they knew they can have.
It is a beautiful story. The world is perfect, but only those wise can enjoy it. The rest of us are drowning in a glass Or water.
This is so cool, I follow him on twitter. Didn't know he had a watt pad!
I'm bilingual. I wish it was in Spanish and English so I could compare the two versions.
Kk I figured out how to turn the page the story is so inspiring it is deep man
Wow, thats a story which shows the real  power of faith.You may not possess something, but you have the safety of being part of something  real particular.Through this story I can see a big point of whisedom.There's no way to make it bettter.