Short Stories

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Paulo Coelho By Paulo Coelho Updated 5 months ago
A collection of short stories from Paulo Coelho.
This makes me so happy because it's a reminder to me everyday that I have a purpose here on earth❤❤
a great moral,the one i got from the giant tree story, it's that a man should be different if he wants to live a good life in this cruel world... thanks Paolo ;)
Enjoyable and short allegory.  "A prophet you may be," Yoda says.  :-)
I like this a lot. It shares a lot of wisdom, that is sometimes overlooked. Just like trees. :)

@JustlikeheavenDanni Thanks Danni, I came scurrying as fast as I could--which isn't THAT fast but I still did! :)
Nice message shared here.

@therideoflife you might like this too, Lu =)
Amen! Love this! Your strength comes from being different, not from living and growing by the same rules of the world....dare to be different, and survive!