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A collection of short stories from Paulo Coelho.
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I liked so much your stories. I would like get then to take then to the classroom. Wonderful.
being different doesn't always make sense.. There are people who are trying to be different for the sake of quoting difference.... Be different,to be good...
I love fables! And these was exactly what I was looking for. A short story that tells a lesson. How magical! Please, let me read more! lol

So much power in so few words. :)órias-de-amor-na
Aphorisms of this kind, like Aesop's fables are so valuable. Memorize a handful of them, and you will always find the right words to say in any situation.
Nice! This is very good! I understand this: one who has been different and strong for so long then others won't dare mess with him/her

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