Love You Better Now

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_dirrrrrrectionergirl By _dirrrrrrectionergirl Updated 2 years ago
It hurts me every day that she's gone. Every minute is another without her. I've tried to move on, forget about her, but it's not that easy. She's not one to be forgotten. I loved her with all of my heart, and now it's torn in half and can't be repaired. She did so much for me, helped me out in ways that no one else will ever be able to.

I only wish I could've thanked her before it was too late.

-Louis Tomlinson
maddiesquared maddiesquared 2 years ago
you are amazing and made me cry my heart out but that's a good thing with sad books
EpicName EpicName 2 years ago
Wow...that really made me sad... I usually don't get emotional when reading a story, but wow this one touched me! it was beautiful and full of emotion! great, great job! :D
seamlessly seamlessly 2 years ago
This is honestly one of the best things I'v ever read. It's so sad, and unique, and just wonderful at the same time. Like the other comment mentioned, it was beautifully written with the way you said certain things with such detail. You have real talent, and I love this story so far.
emmibug emmibug 2 years ago
I'm about to cry!!! It's so good!! Amazing!!! So sad though :'( beautifully written!!! More!!