Fire Girl - Prologue

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Natshane By Natshane Updated 2 years ago
Joshua thought he knew everything about Sera, he knew about her first crush, her first kiss, her first detention, her first scar, after all, they were best friends. But the one secret Sera is keeping from Joshua, is the one secret that could drive a wedge between them. 

Joshua is afraid to lose Sera, but even more, he's terrified of the stranger Sera has become.  While new feelings arise, the old ones died. Sera needed Joshua, but will Joshua trust Sera enough to help her? 

I have a friend.
Her name is Sera.
KaterinaK KaterinaK 2 years ago
I really like this chapter, you have some very beautiful meanings portrayed in there, but as far as the rest of the story is concerned, I'm quite confused...
PineappleAttack PineappleAttack 2 years ago
@Natshane No, not the walls! Dx They're sprining up everywhere! It must be a worldwide pandemic ^_^
KaterinaK KaterinaK 2 years ago
Oooh, I really like this one ! It's a kick-ass proloque and I can't wait for more ! And, of course, I so agree with @PineappleAttack. I'd deffinitely buy your work ! I seem to have a problem; I can't find the link to the next chapter... haha... yeah... Update soon !
PineappleAttack PineappleAttack 2 years ago
*Ahem* I mean "buy." BUY them all. My finger slipped on the keyboard >.<
PineappleAttack PineappleAttack 2 years ago
Wow. This is a really great start! Is it too much for me to ask you to finish this tomorrow? Or, you know. Like right now? x)

Honestly, your writing skill puts other authors to shame. You should get all of your stuff published some day. I would but them all.