Downright Delinquents.

Hayley Larson is the girl everyone wants to be. She is a model, has amazing friends and has the perfect life. All of this is, until her father is brutally murdered. Her perfect life spins out of control and she still hasn't picked up the pieces, which is why she is sent to Downright High, the school for delinquents. Here, Hayley finds herself in a mixture of trouble, ranging from enemies, fights, riots to even falling in love. Will Hayley end up getting her life back on track or will this school end her, once and for all? © 2013 by LaurenJ22. All rights reserved.
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@HarmonieLuvsBillie in her pants is where she hide her knife and had just that one guy friend..she isn't a whore
I never leave the house without my precious phone, headphones, charger, brush and makeup
Am going to use thongs in my guy best friend house I will be like 

Hey jake am taking off my thongs and I will put it outside your room
Brunettes can be pretty, blondes can be ugly. Wtf is up with all the blondes it annoys me
Don't worry. Even in Aus, people still take it in a wrong way! Sheesh, then you try to cover up by saying 'flip-flops', but it just sounds worse!

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