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wow privelidged to be part of this group....
@VioletDawn @TheOrangutan hehe well, you're both welcome :P

@Ellem_A In which case, I look forward to seeing you around :)
@gabamelia If you're an amateur, I'm a cooked ducked! 

Don't ask....it sounded cooler in my own head.
Brilliant interview of an extremely brilliant writer..  The first person to ever turn me onto sci-fi.
@AngusEcrivain lol... Y'know my phone has AngusEcrivain in the auto correct? I'm on the laptop now, which is why I messed up. :P
@ashiqtnt haha, chuck a y in my name if you like Ash :P Feel free buddy :P

@lilly-rain @elenamoreno25 @nikayaya @jewel1307 Y'all are far too kind :P

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