Zombie Island

| Book One of the Zombie Series | cover by live4music | trailer by ombredelemort | Completed | When a deadly disease sweeps through the world, Ebony Jay’s father doesn’t think twice in sending his unwilling teenage daughter on a flight away from the zombies. Ebony wakes one day to find herself lying on the beach of a small island off the map, completely abandoned and alone. Of course, she’s been raised to survive anything, so she easily sets up a camp on the island, convinced that her father will come back to her. Everything is going fine until she discovers zombies living on her island—and they don’t want to talk it out. Does Ebony have the strength to not only survive the attacks, but keep herself mentally intact when she’s abandoned on an island with flesh eating monsters? Riley O’Hara watched his parents die firsthand—he had to put a bullet through their heads when they attacked him. Grabbing an old pickup, he took off with his brother, Greyson, armed with weapons and extra food. Picking up people on the way, Riley is sure that he and his group of survivors are the only ones left. Hitting the road with his new found friends, Evangeline, Neo, Marlowe, Luca, and Valentina, they spend months fighting off the increasingly strong zombies. Just when they’ve decided that they’re last, that everyone else has to be dead, a mysterious distress call comes over the radio—there’s another survivor. Alone. Alive. And a girl? Will Riley risk the lives of his group to go find this girl, or will he take his chances back in the states? Welcome to the apocalypse. This vacation just turned deadly. (NOTE: This story is a bit old. It isn't edited, so bear with me with the grammar and punctuation. I still will read all your comments, but I probably won't be going back to change anything. Just keep that in mind.) Action #133 Adventure #214
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No offence I started not to read your story because of the poorly written authors note. Though I decided to give it a chance because I love zombies.
So glad the author didn't use Mah instead of my this book would have been terrible before it started.
If zombies did attack, I think I would be okay with a huge dog and living somewhere mostly surrounded by water...
I'm not even halfway through and I can tell you play COD. That's awesome. Well I think you do. If so that's freaking awesome. If not then oops.
P.S ❤ the trailor but the image of that zombie girls will probs give me nightmares but… oh well:)
It's kind of freaky how good you were at writing the fighting seen;) I am in love with this it's the best zombie book I've read❤

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