No one wants to know about what happens the day the apocalypse begins. 

That day is nothing but blood and bones. Families being torn apart. Flesh being torn from bone. Blood. Entrails. 

Screams. So many screams. 

Allow me to correct myself: No one wants to live the day the apocalypse begins. Everyone wants to hear the stories, wince at the cringe-inducing details. However, I know people who have lived through this day. I have lived through this day. So instead, I will tell you about what happened afterword. 

About Riley O'Hara, a boy in rural Colorado who assembled a group of foragers, survivors, who worked together to protect each other and live on long past most others. I'll tell you about Grey, Riley's bother. And Valentina, a young orphan. And I'll tell about Evangeline and Luca and Neo and Marlowe. 

Yes, I'll tell about all of them. Most importantly, though, I'll tell about me. 

Me--Ebony Jay. 

About the story of how I survived Zombie Island.

| Action #133 Adventure #214 |
I love how you start from the middle of the beginning and it's not this cliche of starting normal and ending in chaos. The main character is already IN the chaos.
I think it's a big deal because this can mean this person plagiarised. If the author notes and spelling are different from the actual story, then I'm automatically thinking that they stole this.
I think it's a big deal idek why but horrible grammar in stories makes me stop reading it no lie
I prefer a zombie book that starts before the apocalypse, but oh well
No offence I started not to read your story because of the poorly written authors note. Though I decided to give it a chance because I love zombies.
So glad the author didn't use Mah instead of my this book would have been terrible before it started.