She's Broken

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Lilohorse By Lilohorse Completed
'Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.' 

Most people ignore Kat Price and go straight for her perfect, confident and attractive older brother, Finn. The day that Finn goes down for rape, Kat's in the spotlight, Kat's the one with the answers. She also just wants to be left alone, remain invisible and live happily with her mum and her horse without the gossip and drama. So, what happens when a brooding boy with beautiful eyes and a love for horses is thrown into the mix? Eli is the proud new owner of Finn's old mare, Tempest. He doesn't know about Kat's haunting past or why she's so skittish. All he knows is that he's desperate to help. 

Headstrong and broken is how Eli describes Kat when he first see's her. But is her past too shattered and her heart too destroyed for Eli to fix?
Chantelleexx Chantelleexx 5 days ago
That's so sick. Poor girl, I know its fiction but this happens all the time in society and its a shame really
Hispanic120 Hispanic120 13 days ago
Wow ... I have a brother and just the thought of this makes me so sick
rayb1217 rayb1217 14 days ago
@bookgeeklover I feel so sick I DON'T anyone without a brother will understand
bookgeeklover bookgeeklover 17 days ago
did anyone else feel sick. Anyone else with a brother  will understand.
AddiFraser AddiFraser 18 days ago
Even these fist few paragraphs got me hooked! Very nice job.
Too_Much_Fantasy Too_Much_Fantasy 21 days ago
Self Harm Scars, Stretch Scars, Stitch Scars.

I realised how imperfect my life is