Kidnapped by My Own Country?! ( Hetalia FanFic )

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Nah By EveallaRose Completed
After Lauren meets France in the makeup section at Walmart, everything goes down hill. She get's kidnapped by America the next day, interrogated by Germany and England, and finds out her Grandma has some past connection to all of the countries. What is the connection? What does it have to do with her? And does America ever explain exactly why he kidnapped her?
Me : well we're saying about HETALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sing Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo Germany's version*
                                    Classmates and Teache : wtf?
                                    You've basically write about me and my BFF relationship
                                    What the flipping Flying Mint Bunny
*laughs* I say 'Gilbert Beilshmith' when I saw a guy looks like Prussia in Washington D.C !!
if only my sis was like that!......well she kinda is but still!
The real question is....
                                    WHY ISN'T HE???!!!!!
                                    DUN, DUN. DUNNNNNNN!!!!!!
Finally!  Someone else thinks that they are "educational" too for a change!!!