Kidnapped by My Own Country?! ( Hetalia FanFic )

After Lauren meets France in the makeup section at Walmart, everything goes down hill. She get's kidnapped by America the next day, interrogated by Germany and England, and finds out her Grandma has some past connection to all of the countries. What is the connection? What does it have to do with her? And does America ever explain exactly why he kidnapped her?
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It's good that she knows she's pretty. And she's not afraid to put herself out there.
Okay I really wanna meet a Hetalia character in the store doing something they would do and call them by their human name and see what they do!
All I know is that when if my friend passes his history exam on WWI all credit goes to me forcing him to watch Hetalia.
I too often dream of France in the makeup section of my local Walmart... What a catch... Cx
I have neon green high tops with pink laces (I took the laces out) even ask jxjxkxkx!!!!!
@Ren_Liddell one day my french teacher says, "okay we're all going to learn about France."  I started laughing so hard, along with two of my friends.

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