Blood Lust (co written with my boyfriend)

A female is in a town that is breed to feed the vampires that are in the boarding school on the edge of the town, little does she know she and her brother and vampire royalty, their parents, sensing vampire hunters were after them wiped their children’s memories and put them in the orphanage before they were murdered, everyone in the boarding school knows about them and when Eri is about to get raped for breeding Damon, a vampire at the school steps in to save her. What will happen between the two? Will they become friends? or will Eri continue to hate vampires? What will happen when she finds out her past and finds out who her parents were? NOTE: Awesome cover was made by xXMisguidedGhostsXx thank you so much i love it :)
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I love that you use TVD for the trailer. TVD is my favorite TV show. I love this story!
I love it, the mystery surrounding Damon. Why was she chosen. What is she. My questions must be answered. I must read on!
Nawww Damon is so sweet! <3 <3 I'm in love againn :) You really can describe the scene, I can totally picture it in my head! x

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