A Bittersweet Relationship (Adventure Time)

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_AngelOfLight By _AngelOfLight Updated 2 years ago
**This story is an Adventure Time Student/Teacher Relationship**

Finn is forced to go to Ooo University. Which he completely disagrees to, but what happens when his Science and Math teacher is no other than the smart Princess Bubblegum? This completely changes his hate for the the two subjects, feeling confident in winning the princess's heart, there's just one thing that stands in their way. The forbidden Student/Teacher relationship. Ahh, what a bittersweet relationship.

(This story is totally different from my other story, Expressing My Love)
zelderp zelderp 2 years ago
I love Fubblegum! My OTP! This story is worth hours of my life. ~
SmithyoCreator SmithyoCreator 2 years ago
@SmithyoCreator but it's still really good! I love adventure time! :)
MargennMartinn MargennMartinn 2 years ago
YAY!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for some AT fan-fics! and this is amazing!:))
XxLadyPink101xX XxLadyPink101xX 2 years ago
Ohh, a student/teacher relationship...this is what I have been searching for!!!