Kidnapped and loved (Niam/Narry/Nouis/Ziall)

Meet Niall Horan, a teen sensation just trying to look for the "right one" but one day, he gets kidnapped. Plot twist: His kidnappers fall in love with him. Who is the "right one" between his four sweet kidnappers? What happens to Niall when he is kidnapped and loved?
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I'm just gonna let you know that Hi! I'm Niall... Just brought your story down a few notches. We'll see if you get back up :)
This is an amazing book. I recommend reading it, i has a bit of any but you can always skip those chapters.
I really love your fanfic :) It's amazing :) Can i translate it to my language (Vietnamese) so my friends can read it?
This practically killed me on how amazin this fan fic is 0:) i am dead and a angel now
@Maria_Loves_Horan i'm pretty sure i just ran across the story you meant *shudders*
@ZiallNarryForever Omg what story was that?
Just very curious... Could you message me the name of it?
Sounds terrible and I'm just curious.

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