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_KayEdwards By _KayEdwards Updated 2 years ago
This is two poems; 'Hollywood' and 'Broken Lies'. 'Hollywood' acts as a short introduction to the longer poem 'Broken Lies'. These poems are also featured in the collection 'In the Eye of the Beholder', but I suggest reading it here.
MorganaTheWitch MorganaTheWitch 2 years ago
This was brilliant. I really enjoyed it, right on! And I liked the transition, it made the effect of the words so much more intense. And that last sentence I think was the strongest one, the strongest truth. Thank you for sharing this piece, I truly enjoyed it!
nomdeplumes nomdeplumes 2 years ago
This is one poem that hits on about 50 different issues. Great job!
nomdeplumes nomdeplumes 2 years ago
Short but sweet and to the point. It made me want to read the second one!
mywhoever mywhoever 2 years ago
*sigh* Hollywood. Many people are blinded by fame :/ That reality sucks..
orangejuice13 orangejuice13 2 years ago
Wow. This is amazing and incredibly true. The first poem introduces this one perfectly. I love this poem because it kind of opens your eyes to how much your soul is worth. Great job! :D
DJNicole1 DJNicole1 2 years ago
@xxKayeRosexx Well, don't I feel smart? Lol I'll go read that one then!