St. Cross High's Weird Teachers (O_o) (BoyxBoy)

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mis4-2n8 By mis4-2n8 Updated 3 years ago
(WARNING: Genre:  Shounen Ai Slightly Boylove, Comedy)

"Vampire on the loose, blood tie, crazy colleagues, money maniac family, idiot students plus stalker triangle...what else could we find in a crazy...vampire story like this...well just anything...(an episodic type of story) Enjoy! (^O^)
caleck caleck 4 years ago
hahah...way you goooo...u even use bossing sandro's name and he's an uke here?!...oh...gee (giggled) I'm signing off but promise to read and vote to all your work...don't forget to treat me...luv yah smooch!
GrannyGrimly GrannyGrimly 4 years ago
wow new story...I got load of qiestion but i'll wait for the next....puleeeeeze post soon!