Love And Regret (a Mindless Behavior Love Story)

Nicole Gates, a local school student is bullied all her life from just four boys. It's affected her life in many ways, but she( Surprisingly) has one little crush on one of her bullies, Chresanto August. She regrets liking him, but she doesn't know that he has some feelings for her too. Nicole then enters an audition for fame, to tell the world that she isn't afraid o stand up against bullying. But will her 'love' get in her way?
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I don't like what they did to Nicole in this story and I should expect more from people like them that's not right
Loved it swear same thing has happened to me its good to know others feel the same
poor nicole , I would have done something bout it , I don't care if they was fine or not.
Her last name thoo mine is gates too lololol if that's your real name maybe we related
Looooooooooooooooooved it, man ur a good writer, but if i was nicole i don't care how cuute Roc is he woulda been dead within seconds ^-^
I liked it but I feel like cuttin someone cause no one should have to go through that

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