Smile, You're Beautiful

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You know that girl you called fat? She’s been starving herself for God knows how long. 

You know that chick you called emo? She’s been battling depression for years.

You know that gal you bullied and whenever she would cry you would say “Aww is little Missy going to go cry to her mommy and daddy?” Her parents died a couple years ago and she’s still grieving their death.

The tiniest thing can hurt a person beyond words, but it can also shed light to a dark tunnel. This is Missy Vega’s story about loss, hurt, betrayal and hope.
Your in the right place but maybe not surrounded by the right people, do smile because you are beautiful <3
I wonder what it would be like if someone's ever done that for you. Just to make you smile and be happy.
Oh my goodness, this is incredible.  You put such a strong message in such a short piece.  Truly inspiring, I'm so grateful to have read this.  Thank you.
@Aoioa527 your comments are really negative, human kind does do that btw. I always try my best to help others even when I'm down. So smile, life ain't all that bad c;
@Aoioa527 I smile all the time because it brighten up ppl days.
this was such an inspiring book, I don't get bullied but if I see someone unhappy or sad, I do everything to help them even if it's small, this book is such a great thing and I'm gonna show it to people that need It the most if I meet them :-)

You r a great writer by the way :-)