Smile, You're Beautiful

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bluee By turnblue Completed
You know that girl you called fat? She’s been starving herself for God knows how long. 
    You know that chick you called emo? She’s been battling depression for years.
    You know that gal you bullied and whenever she would cry you would say “Aww is little Missy going to go cry to her mommy and daddy?” Her parents died a couple years ago and she’s still grieving their death.
    The tiniest thing can hurt a person beyond words, but it can also shed light to a dark tunnel. This is Missy Vega’s story about loss, hurt, betrayal and hope.
God if only there was someone who was actually like this ugh <3 This book is so beautiful,unlike anything I've read,thank you for taking the time to write it,stay beautiful xx
Wow. This book has a very powerful message. Great job. Loved it!
what the I read that 'show' as a shove I almost had a heart attack 
Made me cry, and I don't do crying!!! :) Amazing writing skills....
Oh my god this was marvelous! I'm literally crying now :'( such a strong and meaningful message to everyone who is suffering from bullying !
I love this its a strong message to everyone out there don't let the negative things others  say effect you only take the positive and use it nobody's perfect  bit everyone has something special about them everyone has a purpose in life