Smile, You're Beautiful

You know that girl you called fat? She’s been starving herself for God knows how long. You know that chick you called emo? She’s been battling depression for years. You know that gal you bullied and whenever she would cry you would say “Aww is little Missy going to go cry to her mommy and daddy?” Her parents died a couple years ago and she’s still grieving their death. The tiniest thing can hurt a person beyond words, but it can also shed light to a dark tunnel. This is Missy Vega’s story about loss, hurt, betrayal and hope.
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There's a song byTobyMac called Speak life. I thought it went perfectly with this.
Omg I am crying right now because I ...this just spoke to me and I love it and ur a very good writer
This is such a heartwarming story and whenever my thoughts drift into this particular story it makes me smile and feel good.
nice story! oh I wish I could write a story like that ; let's give it a go*** nope its no good:-( .gr8vstory by the way :D
This is beautiful... n while i was reading it, i got tears in my eyes n goosebumps on my whole body. 
This is rly true... words have the strongest power :)
I'm in tears!You do know that this story helped me?I'm getting bullied and this the nices thing anyone said or done!

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