Evil of Residence.

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GaylesintheTardis By GaylesintheTardis Updated 2 years ago
When four S.T.A.R.S. police officers are trapped in a historic mansion, containing horrendous zombie's. These four almost enemies have to work together to find out the secrets that unreal in this historic mansion. 
xBliss_Is_Hellx xBliss_Is_Hellx 4 years ago
I'm sorry but this is really terribly written. The plots seems great but... no. You're too blunt and horrible at this, you make everyone seem like a bitch or stupid. :/ sorry.
Horror_Gal Horror_Gal 4 years ago
OMG!! I LOVE Resident Evil this story is AWSOME PLZ PLZ WRITE MORE!!
i love your sense of humor! ha ha! you make me laugh! please keep posting! :)) 
TamxMimi TamxMimi 4 years ago
microsoft word spell check!

i use it and if i didn't i'd b doomed!
pandoraisme pandoraisme 5 years ago
lol, I think your writing is hilarious, it's really good! keep up the good work girl.
xowritergirl14xo xowritergirl14xo 5 years ago
LOVE IT!!!! there is just enough humor in it! Only I would say is that there are a few punctuation mistakes, but other then that: PERFECT!!!!! keep writing! you got my vote!