1 geek and a house full of hot guys.... hmmmm well this could be interesting

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susan135 By susan135 Updated 7 months ago
Eilsa has always been what you would call a geek. Being bullied is a daily routine for her that it doesn't even strike her anymore; she knows it is coming. On the last day of school before the summer holidays, she is told by her mum that she is going to her dad's friends house for the whole holidays as her mum and dad are going abroad for their honeymoon. 

Eilsa thought this was great until she arrived. It turned out that her dad's friend was going away too and she was going to have to be in a house full of hot guys by herself.

What will Eilsa do? Will she be able to stand it?
VeryLovelyReader VeryLovelyReader 6 months ago
One vote away from having 100 votes. Dx I hate uneven numbers
PinkFishie PinkFishie 9 months ago
I just started reading this since, well I don't know I was curious... And I really love it... I like all the stories you write and I'll support you with any story that you'll write. I'm just so proud of you and all your accomplishments Nikita xx
1maryam1 1maryam1 2 years ago
is this story complete? plz say yes cuz i wanna read this story veryyy badly but im scared if its not complete and i know it is a nice story so i will feel like killing u!
MidnighTears16 MidnighTears16 2 years ago
@susan135 actually maybe you can. Like at the end of an update, for an author's note, you can tell everyone that you're going to change the title so they won't get confused or something
MidnighTears16 MidnighTears16 2 years ago
I really don't mean to sound rude or anything, or insult you, but if your title was shorter and catchy, maybe your book would grab more attention from wattpadderss. Just trying to help (: I think your story's great so keep it up (:
Celina_1224 Celina_1224 2 years ago
You haven't updated in a longgggg time and I'm dying to know what happens please update sooooon!!!!!!