superman ☹ irwin

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Dorky_Vampire By Dorky_Vampire Updated 2 years ago
"Where is he?" "What do you mean?" "My superman, he promised to be here when i need him" 
[book 1 of remedy series] © jyr sudario.
dumbness dumbness 3 months ago
I don't think I ever liked her but when her and harry broke up that's when I found out I hated her.
RedneckCrazy_ RedneckCrazy_ a year ago
I Personally think, that It was a little rushed, and their were a few simple spelling errors, but that's just my opinion, it just felt to scrambled, but your idea of it, is absolutely fabulous, it's completely drawn me in. :) Good Luck Writing. :)
taipaola taipaola 2 years ago
Finally i found you lol i love youu i read all your Stories on facebook (: