What About Alice?

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_Ohmy_itsme By _Ohmy_itsme Updated a year ago
Alice Benedict is a 17 year old girl who goes throgh her days being tortured by 'life'. 
Abused by her 'Father' since her Mother's death, she's grown into a hard and cold girl who no longer feels, broken to no repair.
When she and Andrew (her Dad) pack up and move to Michigan. Starting a new school is never easy, especially for Alice. 
But, there is something strange about the residents of this town, especially Jace Pride, the town's ultimate hottie and playboy. 
Little does Alice no, half the people living here are not who they seem to be, and the strongest pack in North America just so happens to own the territory she lives in. Not to mention, Alice seems to have a mate who wants nothing to do with her. 
Alice has thought she was human her whole life, never thought otherwise, until now. 

Will Alpha Jace be able to break down her walls and get past her cold exterior, does he even want a mate? Or will she push everyone away once again and keep her dark secret to herself. 
Throw in a rival pack and alpha, an ex-play-toy, a few legends and a demon.
Alice's life will never be the same.
kena65 kena65 4 months ago
If the rest of the book is like this produlog, then I'll garentee I'll love this book
Avaritia_497 Avaritia_497 5 months ago
So…who here has had a time in their life where they felt this way? I have and I can tell u now it sucked…

This is gonna be a depressing one isn't it…
GumdropsAndRoses GumdropsAndRoses 7 months ago
That was so beautiful, that's probably the best start to a book I've ever seen! Well done!
Reading_Nerd101 Reading_Nerd101 7 months ago
an amazing start to the book. makes me want to continue reading but i knew I had to write this before i did. I already love this book and I haven't even got to chapter one yet:)
Crimson_Demon Crimson_Demon 10 months ago
I honestly love this book more than any book I've ever read. This is like my fifth time reading it, and I'm sad that you haven't continued it. But even if you don't ever continue it, it's still a great read.