Never Enough

Talent has its way of showing up in the oddest places and people. Meet 17 year old Kendall Haynes, orphaned, reckless and beautiful. She discovered a gift of a lifetime (and possibly others as well) at the tender age of 10 in an abandoned music store. Music. Self-taught and an inspirational song writer, her talent will sure indeed catch some audience. Living in a small town all her life, needing to break free; Kendall is willing to do anything to avoid living there forever. Roads to success are never easy, everything has a happy ending but at what price? Dreaming of a life she never dared to say, Kendall will definetly give the world something to listen to.
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dang u havent really started to write tha whole story and im already hooked!=^.^=
There's a song called Never ENough o.o After reading your title, it is now stuck in my head...

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