Black Annis

Carmen is a professional pickpocket, ambitious and verging on revolutionary. So far her dreams of espionage and insurgence reside mainly in her imagination, but when her friend is released from his imprisonment filled with ideas about a secret circle of rebels and a search for the brother he thought was dead, they are drawn into Lumereia, the superpower in control of their own country, and into the affairs of the war Lumereia has waged for twenty-seven years. Post-steampunk and pre-dieselpunk, BLACK ANNIS is a historical novel set in a fictional continent; think of a fascist wartime Jazz Age, and that will be somewhere about right.
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A Jazz Age SciFi story... I've always wanted to write something along those lines. I can't wait to red on.
Your first chapter is not only well-written and elegant, but clever as well as refreshingly new, as well. Your story is indubitably going on my reading list.
"until he remembered that he hated her" - haha, doesn't sound as if he really has such strong feelings against her.

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