I Wished I Said It (Larry Stylinson)

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Larry Stylinson AU:

     Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been arch enemies for the longest they can remember. But now they have to change that because their parents have placed an arranged marriage between for the good of same-sex marriage and so both families could unite to keep the riches they have to good amounts.
I'm disappointed in you Niall I though you were captain. And you Zayn smh.
I found metal in a chicken nugget and they gave me an expired juice box all I wanted was a god damn juice box
Public school is ew my heating or air conditioning doesn't work and my gym is infested with termites
public school is "amazing" . you sometimes find thongs in home ec and used con doms under tables. my school has 2000 people with A 40% dropout rate.  it's not as bad if you have ap classes because the kids are nicer(except me. I can be mean) but then you have hours of homework. so.....
I just love how Louis goes Wha-Wha- I just somehow find it funny
I'm so weird
I've never been to a public school :/ my mom says that my school is better than any other school