I Wished I Said It (Larry Stylinson)

Larry Stylinson AU: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been arch enemies for the longest they can remember. But now they have to change that because their parents have placed an arranged marriage between for the good of same-sex marriage and so both families could unite to keep the riches they have to good amounts.
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someone said this to me when I was in kindergarten and my mom said I look the the kid and said "I don't know why I don't have friends I'm a really fun girl..."
Agree but it's just a fanfic Harry also has straightish hair as an adult actually :p
Wait... Did i read that right? An Arranged marriage? O.O 

This story is getting more and more interesting...
the innocent harry in the multimedia doesn't properly portray the mean boy in this chapter, lol
Nice I saw this was updated on my 19th birthday but I never had time to read it so thanks for an awesome late birthday present. It's the best present yet.
Omg I love that gif; its looks like Harry was going to touch Louis but then just sets his hand on his arm. :D

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