He Hated Me That Much...It Left A Scar?

Haley was found when she was eight with a huge, unique scar on her arm. Passed out on the side of the high way, a couple found her and took her in. With no answers or clues to her past she wonders how she came to have it. When she moves back to Maine where here parents found her, little does she know she'll meet a boy from her past and find the answers she's been looking for. How she got the scar and who her real parents were. Oh, and did I mention she's a werewolf?
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Yes ikr i thought that he hated her so much that he would lose his temper and stratched her or something like that
I think I would have like it better if he just scratched her himself without the magical legend
Please upload.. I know its been quite awhile but totally got sucked into ur book... upload soon if u would please
I was getting really interested in the story, but it died when I read ''Did I mention she's a werewolf" *sigh* But I'll give it try! :)
THIS IS GREAT i would totally lover if you read my storys or if anyone read my stories especially love is a dangerous thing
This is pretty good. I'm a newbie, though, so I have no idea how I'm supposed to get to the next chapter...lol

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