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SEQUEL TO TAKE MY HAND Kaleo and Karayan are finally free from the dominion of Dania. Having now formed a coven with Carson, Jocelyn, and the rest of the warriors who so recently escaped Dania's vile will, the two must find a way to reconcile their pasts with their future. Kaleo has never dealt with his creation or his human life, and Karayan has never relinquished her hold on her youth or forgiven the loss of her dreams. Their roles have changed and so must their relationship, but can it be done without destroying the love they've clung to for so many years? Will each find their place in the coven and in their new world without losing themselves in the process? What dangers lie in wait for the newly-formed coven and can Carson hold them all together? A storm is brewing in the vampire world that could tear the coven and the couples apart, but the Connatus Spiritus is a strong bond. Will it be strong enough? Dania wasn't the only ancient vampire, and she wasn't without friends. Though she is dead, the warriors must fight to escape her legacy. This time, the fight may not end so easily nor so favorably.
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Plz update.... Ur doin a gr8 job... If u cntinue ul get mor fans n votes im sure.... So plz write mor...
Love it!! Read Take My Hand now reading this one...please, please, please update!!!
Totally agree with everything magixinreading posted! Cant wait for the next chapter!
I love it so far. Is the Dragon going to be their coven name? Are they all getting daggers like this? Upload more soon please. Voted.
Good start. I don't like that Raul character already. I hope Renaldo is alright! Voting and reading on!!

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