Train Tracks (BoyxBoy)

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DesireaKirby By DesireaKirby Updated a year ago
Matt's struggled with life since the accident when his mother died. If he didn't already get bullied for being Gay by the head jock mark. he had got himself involved in drugs, and self harm. He gets abused severly by his achoholic father as well. Just when he seems to give up all hope a new guy moves into a house just a mile behind he's apartment complex. Matt doesn't want to fall for Raymon but he just might. He's breaking all his own rules by even talking to him. But even with Raymon's help can Matt get better?
SwordKnight SwordKnight a year ago
(In Japanenese we call it  Boyx Boy Yaoi, GirlxGirl is Yuri)
rockturtle3 rockturtle3 2 years ago
OH. MY. GOD. :O I FLUPPING LOVE THIS! ITS AMAZING! OH MY GAWDDDDDDD!  poor Matt! but OMG i LOVE this and I'm DEFINITELY going to keep reading! :D