The Good and The Bad (Complicated Love Story)

The Good and The Bad (Complicated love story) Everyone wants a partner that is loving, caring, sweet, corny, spontaneous, open-minded and maybe even a bit over-protective. But what happens when those characteristics split between two people? Dotty is stuck in a situation where loving two people becomes a nightmare. There’s Scott, the corny, caring geek whose innocence matches that of Dotty and is also her...boyfriend. Then there’s Cal, the not so innocent yet sweet, spontaneous best friend. What will Dotty do?
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WOW!!! I bet there will be attraction! :P ANd thanks for dedicating it to me! I logged on and saw that and started crying so much I was happy!!! ILY!!!
I think there will be. But you should go more into depth abt her relationship with both. maybe have a chapter abt how she truly feels about the both of them!
WOW!!! I just started reading and I cant WAIT for more!!! Im offiially addicted... after 4 chpters... wow... YOURE AMAZING!!!!! LOVE IT

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