Teenage Drama (Based On A True Story)

Teenage Drama is about a girl named Lily Who moved and had to go to a new school and make new friends, but then 2 weeks later of being at the school she makes a lot of friends and finds out a guy named Austin likes her so she started to like him and her best friend Rachel started dating Josh, && Austin & Lily dated for 8 months and so did Josh and Rachel. Then Austin dumped Lily the day after Josh dumped Rachel. But Austin said he only did it because he was moving in the summer and it would be to hard for him to dump Lily then, and then Lily moves on after she thinks she is over Austin, and decides to date Austin's best friend Josh because Josh asked her out and she liked him a little bit so Lily said yes, and Rachel said that Lily should go out with him, but Rachel got mad the next day after she found out Lily & Josh were dating because she thought Lily wouldn't go out with Josh but she did so Rachel tryed to turn everyone against Lily because Rachel still Liked Josh. But then Rachel and Lily become enemies, Lily got her's and Rachels Friends to stand up to Rachel because Rachel has stabbed them in the back a lot too and she did not want them to get hurt any more by her, but then Lily breaks up with Josh a week later because she found out Austin still likes her so she was going to do back to Austin but then he decides not to because he didn't want Josh to get mad at him because Josh still loved Lily, So then Lily goes back to Josh and 2 weeks later she dumps him again because of the Drama around school and her Friend Isabelle liked him and she didn't want her to be upset all the time and because Lily found out Josh was lieing to her. But Lily also found out after she broke up with Josh that, Josh made the Love of her life (Austin) break up with her because Josh hated Lily before and did not want Lily to be happy so Lily hated Josh ever since she found that out. But everyday almost Lily got a new problem and found something out that she never knew before. Read
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Please post the next chappy! :)
This is really good, and for a true story, its kinda sad, but good!
Heyy hey ! :D so this is the story u were talkin about :) I LOVE it!! since we didn't hang out today, wanna hang out maybe... Sunday?? :) 

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