One Drunken Night (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Elissa Parker. A normal, 19 year old girl, who just happens to be best friends with Harry Styles of the popular boyband One Direction. Elissa is caring for her three year old son, Evan, who is just a ball of energy. Not to mention, she lives alone after her parents disowned her for getting pregnant. No one knows who Evan's dad is, but Elissa doesn't care. What happens when everyone finds out the hidden mystery of that One Drunken Night? Will Elissa keep her friendship with Harry? Will new romances blossom? Ride the road of this crazy, new life that Elissa is living. Secrets will be revealed, relationships tested, tears shed, and perhaps, a happy ending? Cowritten with @_Just_Nikki_
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Not finish only on chapter seven page two I think. Its a good book so far going to follow!!!!!!!!
I swear to god if a freaking grammar ninja comes out of no where and corrects me I will break someone's face open
Hmm. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. "Love". Good friends with Anne. White face devil race. 

Five checked off my list. 
Not diggin this story so far..
Bit all British people say love after every sentence.. So that better not happen!!
I knew it! I got it right from when she said that he ate a load of food but never gained any weight!
Guys you're ruining it even though I know but please shut the fûck up thank you

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