Save Me Tonight {Louis Tomlinson}

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OnceUponATimes By OnceUponATimes Updated 11 months ago
Bella isn't the same as everyone. Her job separates her from being normal, even though she still acts like a hopeless slut with the help of her friend Hanna.  She is an assassin, but don't even talk about it, it's a touchy subject. She's a tough chick, with no care except what she'll wear to her next party.   That is till she is sent to an address in London. She doesn't even know who she's killing! That is until she is lying on top of a wet, naked Louis Tomlinson. For a flee for life she escapes from his home unwilling to go through with watching him die, Louis by her side. Bella is now on the killing list, disobeying an order, the number one no no. Can she face this new challenge and run away but also face her biggest fear: meeting One Direction?   Can she actually stop herself falling for someone or unprofessionally fall in love for the first time.   Warning some sexual content and swearing! :P
alltimenish alltimenish 2 years ago

I love this so far. Really original and unique. Fully intrigued xxx *voted*
WishingDreamer WishingDreamer 2 years ago
Great use of your words, very descriptive and good use of grammar :) Love your storyline as well xx
Potter4Life Potter4Life 2 years ago
This is great, love this already so much, loving the cover as well
Problematic7 Problematic7 2 years ago
This was really original! I've never, really never, heard a story start off quite like this! Her job sounds really interesting & so does the love bit(:
MonicaIrwin MonicaIrwin 2 years ago
Stolen Tomlinson? Seems really interesting! I have never read a story like this before! lovin' it!
wallflowersyndrome wallflowersyndrome 2 years ago
Oh, by the way, the cover and how the title is written on it is cool and clever ;)