Setting Them Straight [boyxboy]

[ON HOLD] Making out in a church utility closet had never been a worse idea as Dominic Smith soon finds out. Once he's discovered, Dominic is sent to a Christian gay-to-straight camp where he meets a group of other boys, struggling with the same issues. However, the camp's harsh cruelity is only driving Dominic further into his need to be comforted-- by only one man. Yolo wants Kyle. Kyle wants to be left alone. Yolo doesn't understand the meaning of "no" and won't give up on trying to make Kyle his own, even if it means getting himself into deep trouble at the camp that's hardly willing to let Yolo get what he wants. Heartbreak, tears, and even a little blood is shed in Yolo's part of the story. [Warning: Contains adult themes!]
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I promised my self that I wasn't gonna read this story until you stated working on it again, but I just couldn't help my self...
Can you please try to write an update on this story ;)

( Setting Them Straight)
I'm in love with Alex Evans! But oh mother of god! That's cray cray! I love it tho! :)
Omg I love part two!!!! Kyle sounds so adorable and omfg I love yolo he brings outy inner gay guy I just adore him!!!! Thanks for the upload!!!!!!! :)
Camp Savior? Wow, people need to be saved from love, it's such a terrible thing!
This is a good story! XD love it! But i HATE homophobes! Those fucking assholes! They will burn in hell

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