The Slenderman

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_Carly_Morelli By _Carly_Morelli Updated a year ago
A girl named Ally lived a regular life. She was a straight A student and was honored by everyone in her little town. One day she was dared to go into the dangerous woods. After taking the dare The Slenderman started stalking her. In a dramatic turn of events, The Slenderman kidnapped her mother and her brother and she most go to extreme heights saving them.
SpectacularALH SpectacularALH 10 months ago
@Carly_Morelli this was amazing! Loved it! I kinda chuckled when she met Luke cause my name is Luke lol
MariaEllenaa MariaEllenaa a year ago
Ahhhhhhhh i love this book but i cant beleueve she killed the dad
DarkMagnoCS DarkMagnoCS 2 years ago
Well I liked the book,I start to read it quite ago, but it wasn't finish, I love it now that it's finish :)
ShadowAcolyte ShadowAcolyte 2 years ago
i swear I saw him standing between two trees at fish creek provincial park :/
i needed THERAPY...
but it didn't help.
Jeebus Jeebus 2 years ago
that was an amazing story. There were a few grammatical errors but still legible. The plot was incredible and had me interested the entire time i was reading.
umadbrotrollface umadbrotrollface 2 years ago
I used to see him too outside my window I was horrified but then I went to get my mom and he was gone