The Dark Slayer

Two Prohecies. Two Outcomes. One girl. Two species at the edge of war. Fate will play with them all... Abria Pierre, she is your average fifteen year old girl that goes to school, hangs out with friends, and loves her family to death, but appearances can be decieving. By night her closest friends are a human with cancer,werewolf, a warlock, and she is the most wanted and hated Slayer in the Vamperic Kingdom ,but the most respected Slayer around the world to all Slayers and Hunters alike, and it's not just because her father is Jean Pierre(The Slayer that had killed the Queen of the Vamperic Kingdom) ,she has killed over a hundred or more vampires in her life time. To the Dark Beings her and her friends are known as The Dark Reepers, since Abria leaves a mark of a skull on each and every vampire she slays. She vows to destroy them all especially after London's Bloodbath, where her own brother was murdered, and her bestfriend's sister, Violet Lee, is kidnapped by the royal bloodsuckers themselves(that's what she calls them), she knows she has to step in, espcially when Micheal Lee gives her an order to bring her back, but all that can change in one night when the greatest slayer of them all gets kidnapped herself along with her friends, including Lilly Lee. Her loyalty and honor will be tested, and her heart will confront the greatest of pains as she faces her greatest enemies and tries to protect her loved ones from Night's Darkest Creature. Dark secrets from the past that were kept buried will be recovered. Will her mindset alter when she confronts a truth she knows she can't face? Abria Pierre will face a descion that will put herself, friends, family, and two species at risk. All she has ever known will change in ... THE DARK SLAYER
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This is really good. It's going to be a bit weird reading Abigail's characters on someone else's writing but I'll get used to it. Really good job

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