Don't Tempt Fate

Scarlett Carson and Phoebe Hemmings are complete opposites. Scarlett is used to hiding into the class and ignoring her social status of being an outcast. Whereas, Phoebe is popular and embraces her popularity. Scarlett and Phoebe never used to be such opposites, in fact, at one time they were the best of freinds. Now they couldn't be further apart. Well that's until they find themselves switched and are closer to each other than ever before. But when they find themselves being switched, Scarlett has to face being Miss Popular and Phoebe has to deal with a drunken mother and looking after another human being. Now these two girls couldn't be closer in each other's life.
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this is really good so far, looks like its gonna be an interesting story. can't wait for next upload.
XD I love the storyline so fsar! it is really intriguing and I really want to know what has happened! :) voted and I shall promo on my next chapter xx <3

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