Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger Novel. It's only your shadow filling the room, arriving too late and leaving too soon.
Very interesting hook...I actually missed it the first time I read Chapter One. Where you choose to start and end this excerpt works really well to attract readers and get them to read on to see how it comes about and how it all ends. Well done. Voted.
This is a fantastic way to begin the story! The emotions and descriptions were very realistic, and I'm left wanting to read more! Which is what I'm just about to do now!
woooooow..great. I liked your choice of characters. I like them since chilhood.
                                    I think you picked the perfect scene to draw the reader in. :)
Your trailer is amazing and so is your excerpt..I've never read a harry potter book(watched the movies though..ok please don't give out to me!)but I think I'll really want to read this one!
Wow it's so epic!! I like how your very descriptive and even though I haven't read a single Harry Potter book, this is making me eager to read one! I'm going to keep reading and you are going to keep updating, got it? Keep up the amazing work! More feedback on the way!