The Cullens Read Twilight

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Mariah Brotzman By MariahBrotzman Updated 2 years ago
Edward and the other cullens come  together to read Twilight. Alice gets this box of four books that she wants them all to read. Edward ends up falling in love Bella by reading the book. Alice get excited more and more about her new best friend. And Rosalie starts to except Bella more. Hope you like the story. Happy reading.
Not complaining, but wired is like in a electrical cable. Shouldn't it be weird, as in strange.
Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved.
-sorry and I love it so far :D
Cool! BTW, I'm new here, so I would like it if you read mine.
It's called a Historical Journey.
Please update. Please. I am sooooooo bored and this is my favorite book in my library, I have a lot, thought they are all twilight fanfic, so please update.
Like so far.  Enjoy having cullens involved. Waiting for next update.