Little Miss One Direction | 1D's Little Sister

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Jennifer By TheyCallUsTeens Updated 2 years ago
    Hi. My name is Jennifer. I'm 12 years old, and- no. Let's just cut to the crap. I'm not here to ramble on about Harry's curls or Louis' suspenders. This isn't a perfect love story or about a cheesy couple. I've found my voice, I know what I love to do, and I live a life girls would kill for. This story is about me and my famous brothers: One Direction.
    Jennifer is an orphan. She's been living at an orphanage her whole life, watching other orphans get adopted while she stood there with no one. She was different and unique, and at one point, she stopped trying to get adopted. But when One Direction comes and adopts her, she's catapulted into the world of fame. At only age 12, she goes from one interview to another, gets chased by paparazzi, and listens to rumors and hate spiral around her. She's loved by the boys very much, and is adored by millions of people. But what is it really like to be Little Miss One Direction?
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@ZoDirectionAddiction that's what I thought too but it is Tomlinson
in order:
                                    Niall just by tiny itty bitty less
HEY!! there's none about Niall... poor Niall he is so worthy of the band and if someone thinks otherwise they aren't directioners
yeah, I'd like that if I was her, with my name I wouldn't have to change my last name if he adopted me(even though I am not an orphan)
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