Nothing's Alright As THEIR Son (Book 2) | Larry Stylinson

Larry stares out his window every day waiting for his family to come back. Where are they you may ask? The boys are on tour and won't be back for 3 months, Dani is busy dancing and El is modeling. Stella, Korey, Tyler, and Nichole (Niall's girlfriend) are the parent figures now. Jay is feeling the same way, but Elizabeth (Louis and Eleanor's 2 year old daughter) is still too young to know anything. Once the boys stop calling them or video chat them, Larry starts to turn cold. So he turns to Nat Rays. An 18 year old bad boy who is nothing but trouble. Now that Jay and Larry start to get into trouble, Larry starts to grow weaker by the minute and paler. He get's constant headaches and can't eat much. What's going on with Larry? He knows one thing for sure...Nothing is alright as THEIR son... CAUTION: THIS STORY WAS MADE WHEN I WAS JUST A STARTER FAN. IT HAS MUCH CRINGE WORTHY MATERIAL WHICH I'M SORRY FOR PUTTING. YOU MAY TRY READING, BUT IT IS CRINGE WORTHY. I'M SORRY. Nothin’s Alright as THEIR Son | Larry Stylinson © 2012, Finn Hernandez Self publishing All Rights Reserved
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book2, would there be a real Larry Stylinson as in Lou and Haz love story in this book?
you owe me  snickerdoodle
hahah i read the first book and am now on this one
you have real talent! keep it up!!!!
Ok so I cried do hard and also Liam should nOt  have custody and I think nat killed eleanor
OMG what happened to my poor Larry ?! BTW thank you soooo sooo mucch for doing a sequel ur such a great writer !!
Wow I have a bad feeling about that Nat and N guy. Working for the child abusing head master dontcha think? Hmmmmmm.......
COOKIE! SUGAR PARTY IS ON! WOO! Liam should get damn custody and do the chat thingie xD 


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