A Fairytale In Reality

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_Redroses17 By _Redroses17 Updated 2 years ago
Sophia Malik is a 21 year old Pakistani girl who is enjoying life and completing her psychology degree. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down when her mother finds her a boy...for marriage! He is extremely handsome, charming, and loved by everyone. Will Sophia deny the marriage or will she find her prince charming in him? This is the moving true story about what happens when destiny brings together two soul mates...a story about first love, first kisses, and betrayal.
youknowho youknowho 2 years ago
Hey! Very good book..plz read my article..ita an interesting piece about pak :)
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune 2 years ago
I feel like you told everything in this one chapter that's going to happen further into the story, I wasn't hooked into the story, and good details.
savannahegb savannahegb 2 years ago
It's also interesting you have my vote carry on writing as I would be reading
savannahegb savannahegb 2 years ago
Is this really a true story and I like the idea of it well done
MySilverDust MySilverDust 2 years ago
Awwts! I like how the way you creatively think of a story! It's very classic and interesting! Sophie is pretty ! I like your story so I voted! keep up the great work!
bellaapple4 bellaapple4 2 years ago
You are a great writer! Love the fact that it is a true story.