Touch of Belle

Belle Gray has a gift, or as she likes to call it, a curse. Ever since she was young, making contact with someone else has been a bad idea. She can’t do anything like a normal girl; she can’t hug or hold hands with anyone in fear of what will happen to them, because from just one touch, she has the power to send that person back in time. Belle has no family, her curse already having marked them, and now she’s destined to never survive love either. Because when she does fall for the guy, her ‘gift’ makes the guy fall too. Yet he’s falling back to a time which she has no choice but to rush to save him from.
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please don't stop writing this.... this story is really original and trust me if you continue with it, it'll be one of the best stories here.... :)
Oh my ! I just want to find out what the curse is. Write another chapter please.
This is a really great opening chapter, it flows really well and it's impossible not to love Gabriel;) Anyway, great job, voted:)xo

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