" Love Untitled " ~ The Affair ~ BOOK TWO ( BEING EDITED )

SHE AGREED TO HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH HIM ........... TO HELL WITH HER VIRGINITY .......... SHE WILL MAKE HIM LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT , EVEN IF HE IS THE MOST UNDESERVING MAN ............... RAFA ARMAND CASTRO . I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAMN YOU . Geneva contemplated on this man she's having an affair with . Rafa has the money and the influence to acquire anything he pleases . He spoke to her like a tamed sheep , but behind it , he's otherwise . How she ever loved a man who understand that he is untouchable she will find out . " Promise me you will not , again , I will repeat , you will not touch him and his band mates . I will do as you wish but you will never ever have any business with them . Promise me . " Geneva will do anything for Rafa not to ruin Christian . Christian deserves better . He wants her ? Then he will have her . " Woman , I can't believe you could be so intelligent I should hire you as my business partner .... " Rafa started unbuttoning the first two buttons of her blouse " Say it ! " Geneva said affected of his seduction He stopped the unbuttoning . " I promise . " Rafa's eyes looked at her sincerely . Geneva wondered how he could mix lust with getting a business deal done . He shifted her position again allowing her to feel his hardness . She gasp loudly . He's undeniably ready for her . His arousal very evident underneath her buttocks . " Kiss me . " Rafa whispered .
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I think i'm so engrossed with the story the first time I've read it that I forget to hit the like button.
 if meron , 
  hingi nman pls.?? 
^_^ help me promote this and enjoy reading it!.
Nice one Geneva!! Go girl! put her in her proper place, the gutter!!! ha! ha! ha!
i never got tired of re-reading this part'''''
cAt fight as it is''
mabuhay ang mag leo'
can't find the Book 3.... :(

i've done reading book 1 & 2... i love it..
to the author i like your style .. :) 
thumbs up!!

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