My Ghost house.....?

My version Horror/ Humor combo. Enjoy! XD
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@LivreWyrm Mer???? Um, still a little on the "I don't understand" side, but okay!! :D
@LivreWyrm ?????O.O????? I'm bad about ruining surprises? Since when?? And waht are you shushing me for?? I be cunfuzzled!! x_x
@LivreWyrm Haha because we know her so well, that's why it isn't surprising. = =
Up-DATE! Up-DATE! Up-DATE! Up-DATE! *chants over and over* 
*passes out from lack of oxygen, wakes up* Okay, I'm good now! XD
 = =
@LivreWyrm Cool! (you have a girlfriend? Why wasn't I informed? Or am I just being unobservant again...? =^_^=)

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