Together Again? (Mindless Behavior Love Story)

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Kiearra By Kiearra Updated 4 months ago
Ciearra and Jacob were together since they were four years old until that all ended when they were 14 years old. Ciearra had to leave the boy she loved so much and they can't stop thinking about each other even after 10 long years of being away from each other. What happens when they finally see each other again, because of Jacob is hurt and he came to the hospital Ciearra is a nurse at, but will Jacob have a recovery or will things go for a down fall.
I Loved it, It's detailed & Very intriguing, I Love It Keke,, I hope Jacob Isn't really dead, Because that would be just too sad to handle, But i loved it, You Definately Have my attention Love,,, :)
xoxo Jaelynn