Dude, That's My Sister!

There was one rule, and he broke it Kadence was totally guarded, and afraid of getting hurt. After her parent's divorce, she was afraid of letting any guy close to her, because she was afraid she would get hurt like her mom. She was also Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Saddened by the absence of her famous brother, Kadence is invited to go on tour with Louis and his band. A certain curly haired, green eyed member of One Direction ends up falling for Kadence, and Kadence starts to feel the same. But afraid of getting her heart broken, Kadence tries to fight her feelings. Harry somehow convinces her to give them a chance. With her agreement, Harry has just broken the one rule Louis gave to the band: Don't date my sister.
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You should update the sequel of taken or atleast put it on hold so we know that you didnt just quit
Please do this whole story it's so good and has so much potential I love It and please update it asap
I haven't read the story yet but I just read the story info and I freakin' excited to read it. Like I was shocked, PROMISE!.
Hey its not letting me save the book in my library and I wanna keep reading it cause its good :/ :) xx
Can you guys check out my fanfic?? It's a Zayn fanfic and its called We Can Try. Please read it!
how did you make your cover? and if you want, could you make one for me, for my first fan fic? (: heehee if you want though..

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