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_ZoeLovesDinosaurs By _ZoeLovesDinosaurs Updated 2 years ago
On the King's twenty-seventh birthday, a scorned lover cast a spell on him, cursing him to be horrifically ugly until he could find a girl who could make him fall in love and would marry him despite his beastly features.
For ten years, he threw annual masquerade balls and invited every noble family with daughters, hoping that he would find the girl to break the curse.
Noelle Sinneux has always been everything the daughter of a Marquess shouldn't be - loud, witty, arrogant - and when her family is invited to the Five Days of Masquerade she has no choice but to attend, but brings along her lady's maid and best friend Ellie for moral support.
draculys draculys a year ago
Please update your story it is so good and the prince sounds hot
@OraBayissa You do know that Belle was a peasant, right? In a provencial little town.
clozzabozza clozzabozza 2 years ago
Finish it off as soon as possible !!!!
It is amazing I need to know what happens next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : ) some time soon I hope x
Rosiethecat Rosiethecat 2 years ago
There's a masquerade ball/disco coming up at my school soon, my friends and i are going shopping to by clothes and stuff so i thought i could get some inspiration of what to wear by reading books. I came across this one and totally forgot about the ball, it's soooooo good! XD
OraBayissa OraBayissa 2 years ago
<3 it, but pls don't make z king end up with a peasant grl then it won't be lik beauty nd z beast...luv z story can't wait for z nxt part.
BecKy554 BecKy554 2 years ago
I like it!!!!
A nice twist in the story from *beauty and the beast*