Welcome to the world of Steampunk! Axel Ferro, a teenage orphan and an excellent pickpocket, thinks it's his worst nightmare when he is caught by a total stranger. Instead of being taken to jail or worse, he is taken to the office of Connan Hutchingson, a eccentric private detective in Steampunk Era London, who is in need of an assistant. But underneath the new success of the growing city lies a strange new villain known simply as,The Clockmaker. The Clockmaker is about to leash an attack that could mean the end of everything that they know. Together they must join forces with a spunky young French lady named Emeline Cloutier in order to prevent the biggest catastrophe from happening to London and the world.
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I think you've got a really great setting here.  I really like the feel of your London, and the details you put into this.
@InkHeartCM No problem...if it wasn't my mother's tongue I wouldn't understand german either xD it's strange
It should be 
"Was geht hier vor" and 
"Halt den Mund" 
-_- google and it's sentece strukture...
@InkHeartCM True. I may make a fanfic just for the sheer joy of manipulating her >:D
@InkHeartCM Good because I might have been forced to write a fanfic where she dies -_- Axel is one of my favorite characters that I've read in awhile.
Oh. My. God.
I find myself completely in love with this tale. It's wonderfully written.

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