The Letter

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Tara By Tara Updated 3 years ago
"We dated for all of our high school years and although I have been told you have another boyfriend, I hope whatever you have with him doesn’t compare to us. I have dated and searched for someone to fill your void, it remains empty waiting for you.
So many things we have said to each other and I know we are far from even being friends. 
I hope you come home to me, if not to stay, then to take me with you.
Your Jake."
I let go of the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. Dammit. He still knew me.
great opening to your story u need to upload asap I already hooked on the second chapter...I already predict her best friend is in love with her boyfriend
I really liked this i was wondering if u could check out the first chapter of my first story thx im really new